Chicago, Illinois

I would say I am a good shopper and usually a smart shopper. Wanted to get some carpet quickly and saw the 70% off ad.

Salesman came to my house the estimate for the room would have been $3,400 (maybe 175 square feet plus some stairs). The next quote was $1,900. I said I wanted to look around and magically after a "call" he was able to bring the price down to $1,700 (including tax). What surprised me was my lack of questions about the exact price of the carpet.

I still don't know the price per square foot (seems like a basic price to use!). If the $1,700 was the 70% price that means the regular price was around $6,000 for berber! Make sure if you use them (and I would strongly recommend NOT using them) you ask to see exactly how they calculated the price. The 70% off was a total ruse to get people to call and I fell for it.

Every day I look at this rug and think that I could bought it for less anywhere else. Of couse, I am stuck with it! I even sent Luna a note letting them know I thought the 70% was false advertising and of course heard nothing.

No surprise. They had my money but don't let them take yours!

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LUNA came to our house and gave a verbal quote but refused to give me a written quote--I asked hom to send me a quote in an email but their policy is not to give written quotes. Therefore they lost a sale. I'd recommend they consider doing written quotes because unless I see it itemized in writing you will not get my business


Dear Customer,

We are so sorry to hear about your experience and want to thank you for taking the time to let us know that you were unhappy with the sales process. That is never our intention and we take customer feedback very seriously. I realize your carpet is installed and the work in your home is completed, but there is anything further you would like to discuss, you can reach me anytime at We do value and appreciate each and every customer, I sincerely apologize for your frustrations.


to Cmonroe Fredericksburg, Virginia, United States #833626

Wow. Just saw the commercial and was about to call as my wife and I are searching for a good deal on hardwood floors.

Must admit I'm afraid to go the Luna route now. Thanks for the input and saving us heartache.

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