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I am remodeling my basement and I spoke with several companies but decided to go with Luna. After placing the order...

Days Later a competitor called me and asked if they were installing a moisture barrier! I didn't know so I called and spoke with a representative who put me on hold for several minutes to speak with the warehouse, returning asking if I wanted it that it would not be a problem and there would be no extra charge. Cool. The installers came in the specified time frame and begin the installation but I didn't see a moisture barrier and when I inquired about it they stated that they were not informed to install one.

Of course... This is late in the evening and the company was closed, so on the next business day I called and spoke with a representative again who will verify everything that I stated previously and said that another representative will call to help resolve this issue.

Thus far I have not heard anything else and we are experiencing very humid days now! I am not satisfied with the customer service and will not be recommending them to any of my associates and will be seeking a legal remedy to this issue.

Product or Service Mentioned: Luna Flooring Customer Care.

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Dear Customer,We understand your frustration, and we’d like to further assist you. Unfortunately, we’re unable to locate your order with the information in your post.

Please email your concerns and order information, including phone number and street address to

Be sure to mention PC in the subject line. We look forward to further assisting you.Thank you.

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