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I am writing in regards to my purchase of LVT in light gray with smoke grout and an install date of Sat., 10/28/17. My salesman, Rick, first come to our home on Thursday, Oct.

12, 2017. My husband and I decided on the type of flooring we wanted and asked for two different tiles to come in to decide on color. Rick said the samples would arrive Mon or Tues. By Wed, 10/18, they were not here, so I called Rick.

He said they were ordered and on the way. He had obviously forgotten to order them. They came in the next Mon, 10/23/17. One was one of the colors we wanted to see, the second tile was the wrong color, Iron Ore.

I spoke with Rick on Tuesday, 10/24/17, and he said the correct one would be overnighted to me, the light gray. The next day sample came in the wrong color again, another iron ore. I spoke with him on Wednesday, and he admitted he made a mistake and ordered the wrong one again. With an install date on Sat.

10/28, it was now too late to order another sample. He assured me the correct color tile and grout were ordered. Thursday I texted him - wary at this time about him getting it right - and I texted light gray tile with smoke grout. He replied only ‘yes’.

Friday am, I texted and asked about installation time. He didn’t reply, but had Dee call me. Saturday, the installers came with the wrong color grout: mist and a whole box of the wrong color tile: iron ore. The installers were great, but I should not have had so much trouble with Rick getting the order correct.

I texted Rick about the wrong color grout being here, and again received no response. I had originally called Luna because of seeing many commercials about a 70% off promotion. I asked Rick several times for a breakdown in numbers, but he couldn’t provide that, said it was all in a bottom line number but assured me I was getting the 70% off and the best pricing available. He also said he would give us a $250 discount due to flooring we had bought 3 years previously from Empire that was just crap.

It had started peeling and cracking just a year after install and Empire would never call me back. Rick assured me that the Luna division was better than the Empire division, even though they are part of the same company. Since Rick would not reply to my text on Friday, as I said, he had Dee call me. She explained that someone would call me about installation, something Rick should have told me about.

I asked Dee if she could break down the numbers for me. At first, she said the $250 was put in by Rick, but for some reason, it did not go through. She was going to fix it. Still couldn’t break the numbers down for me, said the 70% off was on product only, not labor, which is fine.

Then she gave me the same bottom line amount due that I had originally gotten from Rick - no $250 credit and no 70% off. This job has cost me $3,715.46, if you add 70% to that, even to half of it for product only, it would be about $6,000 - there is no way this flooring for a kitchen should be that much so I know there was no 70% taken off. This was supposed to be a one day installation job. On Sat, the installers got here with the wrong color grout, and said they had to come back on Monday to finish the job.

I had to take a day off of work - with no pay - to cover this extra day. They also said they would have to go to Home Depot and purchase new plywood, something Rick never mentioned - an additional $636. Of course, I had to pay up front, as they were already here, so I had no choice. So now, I’m out my $250 credit, $636 for extra plywood, and a day’s pay at work.

Not to mention the 70% so called promotion that I believe I never received. Also, since they couldn’t finish the job on Saturday as planned, and had to come back on Monday, that left my kitchen unusable for three days! We had to eat out all weekend since I didn’t have a stove/oven to cook on. It was sitting in my living room!

I have never been one to write a letter like this, but I am very upset with Luna right now. Talk about bad advertising! As far as your sales reps go, is it just sell whatever you can and forget about the customer? That seems to be Rick’s idea of being a salesman.

I feel some compensation is in order for all this stress and extra charges we have had to endure. I’m sure I will not be hearing from anyone about this, but I certainly will not be recommending Luna to anyone.

Product or Service Mentioned: Luna Flooring Flooring Installation.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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I read your honest review of Luna. I won't be calling them. You may have saved me wasting time & money.


Dear Ann,

We never want our customers to be inconvenienced, and apologize for your experience. We take matters such as this one very seriously, and we'll be in contact with you shortly to make things right.

Thank you for your patience.

-Luna Customer Care

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