Cicero, Illinois

May 23 2013 Luna salesman came & when he realized that he would not be closing at the time he became very verbal - harassed us -- would not leave so he said with out a check - we had to take all his samples to the door - very pushy told us he would make sure no carpet company would take our business -- we felt that he tried to take advantage because we are seniors &; flood victims

Feel that people should know who they are dealing with & stand up for their rights - as seniors we have a voice that should be heard - but more important - RESPECTED

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My experience was awful with my salesperson. The rep was extremely pushy and rude.

He started with an extremely high rate on the carpeting i liked, and by the end of the sale dropped the rate around 50%. He was nervous, overweight and was sweating a lot. He told me it was all or nothing and Luna cannot send another rep back. He also told me the other quote i received from another vendor was due to poor quality carpeting because the price was so low.

He basically told me i was wasting his trip and time if i didnt purchase. They he continued to push harder, and try and get me to put $200 down on a credit card to hold the carpeting i liked for a week and to think about it. I finally told him I needed to sleep on it and i only wanted to see, touch, feel the quality of the carpet and compare apples to oranges with other vendors. I then explained I am also in sales, and he needed to learn how to "drop the rope" and back down and not PUSH his customers into a sale.

I am very ready to purchase carpeting ASAP but due to the class and quality of your sales associate, I will definately not give Luna a good word to family and friends.

Hopefully your company gives better sales trainings in the future. Thank you for listening to me.

to lost sale #667041

It’s disappointing that your sales appointment did not meet your expectations. It is never our intention to make our customers feel pressured to purchase, and we regret that this was your experience.

We would like to learn more about your concerns and help make things right for you, but we are not able to locate your account with the information posted here. Please email your contact information to, and we will follow up with you.

Thank you. Luna Customer Support

Elmhurst, Illinois, United States #659415

Thank you for letting us know, your feedback is valuable and important to us. We apologize sincerely for the experience you had with our staff, that is never our intention. We are happy to send a different person back if you are still interested in flooring, if not, we appreciate the initial opportunity to serve you. We can be reached at if you would like to discuss further or schedule with a different person.

Thank you,

Customer Care

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