Wheeling, Illinois
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Installers came on a Saturday and they were nightmares. They put in laminate flooring, took short cuts and put seams where there should not be, floor is buckling already (2 weeks old).

The air duct registers were hammered down onto the floor. We picked up the duct registers only to find that they didn't cut out the area and just slammed the dented registers on. Pieces of laminate flooring and saw dust were swept into the registers. They cut the quarter-round and laminate in the house and carcinogenic saw-dust flew everywhere, on the clothes, walls, air ducts.

The heavy 6-drawer dresser was put on its side, and drawers do not close now. The wood on the dresser sitting sideways for 10 hours got warped from all the heavy-weight on its side.

In the driveway as a nail tack on a piece of wood sitting straight up just waiting for my car to roll over it, that I believe was left there intentionally. What makes things the worst, is that they "blame" the customer. They are a horrible company to do business with, and I have reported them to several agencies.

The pieces of laminate and saw dust were deliberately swept into the registers (after they hammered down the register to the floor). I also had $300 of dry cleaning that they would not cover due to all the saw-dust.

Do Not Do business with them ever! The customer is made to feel like a piece of nothing!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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We’ve read your review, and we can assure you that the installation experience you described is not what we expect for our customers. We would like to know more about the situation and help make things right for you, but we cannot locate your account with the information posted here.

Please send your contact information to care@luna.com so that we can follow up with you.

Thank you. Luna Customer Support

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