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I told John Paul their downtown salesman that I would accept their deal only if they could install on Friday since I was leaving the country on Saturday. "No problem" said John Paul after checking with the office. I needed first a.m. delivery "no problem" said John Paul.

Any problems call me said John Paul. I get a robot call on Wednesday telling me how to prepare for my Friday install. I get a call from Robert the manager congratulating me on my Luna purchase and any problems call Luna. Well of course, there was a problem.

9am my entire bedroom is packed into my living room waiting for Luna and no Luna. 9:30 I call John Paul who says "he'll check the status of delivery". Of course, John Paul never calls back because he knows what's coming and he's too scared to call me back. 10:30 call John Paul, voicemail, no return call.

11am still no Luna and my high rise dock manager calls and says "where is Luna you only have the dock until 12". I call Robert the manager and he was about as useless as a manager could be. After promising to get to the bottom of it; Surprise!, no call back from Robert the "manager". 11:50 while I'm on hold with the Luna main number a woman from Luna calls me to tell me they are not coming to install my carpet today because they overbooked.

Yes, 10 minutes until their delivery window closes and they just figured out they are not coming. Apparently Luna doesn't know what is required to empty a room for flooring installation. What a pack of liars and cowards. Do not let these people into your home.

Their prices are only barely better than others and that's WITH their 70% off BS. Wasted hours and hours of my time and energy.

Product or Service Mentioned: Luna Flooring Installation.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Hi Mike, we’ve read your review, and we regret that your installation was not completed as scheduled. We understand that this is a frustrating experience, and we never want our customers to be inconvenienced.

We’d like to speak with you and help make things right, and we’ll be reaching out to you shortly to discuss the situation in more detail.


Luna Customer Support

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