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My endless saga with Luna starts 2 years ago with a botched flooring install. I chose Luna over other comapnies like Empire, Apex and others because of their advertised " Lifetime Warranty"....

Funny because that's how long it will take you to get a response to a problem from this company. My first install had to be totally re done because a large poryion of thr floor literally lifted up and formed peaks in the middel of my living room. To Luna's credit they did stand behind the install and replaced the entire floor and assured me that this was a one time mistake and that I would not have another problem, well guess what I have the exact same problem now in my kitchen. I have made over 25 phone calls to this company and have had two Service Techs come out to verify that the problem was not water, moisture, or building damage and both Techs agreed it was a poor install job.

I FINALLY got to speak with a manager , and trust me they try everything tp keep that from happening ! The manager spoke with some authority and promised me as call back within a short period of time, that was two weeks ago and still no call back.

As a small business owner i am disgusted with the absoulte lack of proffesionalism and the total disregard for the customer and WILL NEVER EVER DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY AGAIN !!

The final outcome of all of this will probally have to resolved thru litagation which is ridiculous because the only people that win from such a case are the lawyers involved.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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Dear Customer,

Thank you for taking the time to let us know, we appreciate your feedback and apologize for all your frustrations and inconveniences. Two years is a long time and I'm very sorry to hear this. I would like to help! Please email me at with your account name and phone number and a description of who you are waiting for a call back from and I will get right on this!

We take your feedack seriously and appreciate your time.

Sincerely, Chris

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