Chicago, Illinois
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I absolutely hate Luna, they took advantage of me and my blind mother. The sales rep was rude and talked over my mom.

He showed us the only floor sample he had with him and promised it wasn't commercial carpeting. Turned out it was. Then they didn't have the original carpet I chose and said they had one that looked just like it, it was light colored gray that was no way near what I originally picked out. It has been a year that it has been installed and cleaned 2 x and the carpet lost its shape its flat and feels awful.

I have a 5 month old which is. the reason we got new carpet for the baby. Now I don't even let him on it. they also didn't even install.

the carpet padding they originally promised. The previous carpet we had for ten years looked better. Don't buy from them, they lost their value for customers and only care for the money. I got carpet for the buy one room and the second room free with cheap carpet for over a grand I rather carpet my floor with cardboard then buy from them.

True the buy one get the second room half off is a scam. I will surely look around before buying.

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Park Forest, Illinois, United States #790208

Luna will be hearing from BBB very soon I want a full refund I have to pay for all new trim and a painter and have empire come out and wripped this very thin cheap carpet out and now at 79 years old I have to move everything again for new carpet from empire luna will not get away with this plus I hired an attorney they need to be put out of business and I won't stop till they are

Park Forest, Illinois, United States #790206

Luna is the worst and they lie when they show samples they are not what they install


Go to the BBB, and get their rating where it should be!!

to Pro Floor Guys Park Forest, Illinois, United States #790204

A complaint has been filed with the Better Business Bureau for Teresa Kukosh I am definitely going to take them down sue them


Dear Luna Customer,

I'm so sorry to hear this, our goal is to provide each and every customer with the best service and value, I apologize you didn't experience this. Thank you for letting us know, we truly appreciate all customer feedback. I would like to help in any way I can, if you could email me at with your account name and info, I will look into this right away! Thank you for our time.



The above picture is a diff from what the carpet looked like and how it is now.

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