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I thought I was getting a good deal from a good company when I chose Luna. I should have read the reviews here first. My installers for both my laminate flooring and carpeting were both nice and I thought they did a good job.

After my installation is when the fun starts.

First I found many carpet staples on my new flooring from the carpet they ripped out. I have 2 kids and a dog and this could be unsafe for them and for my new flooring.

Second thing we found was carpet tacks sticking out on the stairs and other carpet areas, I mean enough to where you could really rip some skin on your feet or worse.

Third and this is the winner! I was up-sold laminate flooring and was sold the 7mm floor. My wife, myself and mother asked the salesman twice about the durability of this floor when it came to a dog and kids. The main thing was my son and his toy matchbox cars. We asked if he could play with these on the floor and the salesman said YES. Well the second day of new floors my 3 year old dropped his toy car on the floor and guess what appears 2 scratches and gouges. Now I feel as if I am walking on egg shells, but I have a warranty right?

NOW THE REALLY FUN PART! I called Luna Customer Service and was told by them that my warranty did not cover accidents. REALLY? I began to tell him about the sales pitch and how he told me this was durable and how this has now been proven to be a LIE. All the rep said over and over again was how it's not covered. I then explained the staples on the floor and the tacks coming out of the carpet and how this could be a huge issue and how if I or my kids got hurt on the tacks that I could SUE them. So, would you please fix the floor now, the rep SAID NO!

I then emailed the executives on LUNA the whole story and within 5 min the same rep calls me back and will now do something for me. Well I was done with him, so I asked someone else to work with me.

The next day I got a call from a " Sr. Project Manager" and I got to tell he the whole story again. She was very apologetic and offered to work with me, but really wanted to get the tacks in my stairs fixed... Of course since this is a liability for them. I said I would not let them do this until they fix the laminate issue. She then gives me some more lies and basically blames my kid for playing hard with his cars. She then asks if my wife and I liked the 10mm floor... I thought they might admit they sold us *** and were going to do the right thing and replace the floor with 10mm. She says she will call me back.

5 hours go by and she then calls me back. She says they will only come fix the floor for free or rip out the floors and put in carpet., BUT (HERE IS THE GOOD PART) not refund any of my money. So I paid 4000 for laminate and carpet, was quoted 2500 for total carpet, but now I am going to pay 4000 for all carpet. REALLY?

So here is the lesson with LUNA.

1. The key scratch test the do on the sample.. A total LIE, I did the same test with the same type car key on some left over flooring and guess what???? IT SCRATCHES!

2. The sales pitch is a total lie. They make it sound as if you have this great 20 year warranty and that is something goes wrong it's covered, well they don't let you see the complete warranty until after you buy it, oh yeah and once you sign you can't cancel! Really.. The 20 year warranty only covers the product in full for like 3 years. The the % they cover is goes down by the years. Also the warranty COVERS NOTHING! Almost every reason you would call them they would blame water, accidents, or something that they don't cover.

3. Customer service is a joke. If they would have just said yes we will come fix it in the first place I might still be a happy customer, instead I got a 24 hour runaround circus to just be told they would come fix it.

This company is the WORST I have ever dealt with. I was an honest customer and WAS HAPPY for about 24 hours. It took 20 min for the first Project Manager to lose me and the Sr. Project Manager was just as pitiful. When I told her I was going to contact the Better Business Bureau she almost sounded as if she did not care and dared me to.


Product or Service Mentioned: Luna Flooring Installation.

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