Baltimore, Maryland
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We had Luna do our laminate in our kitchen and dining room 3 years ago. They did a very good job and the sub-contractors were awesome. So when we redid our basement we figured we would have them come do the carpet down there. BIG MISTAKE!

These installers scraped up our walls, chipped paint and compound off the corners, chipped a piece of trim with their tools AND left a very noticeable seam in the middle of the floor in addition to whacking our light over the door SEVERAL times and never once apologizing and WREAKING of cigarettes.

We also have a back room to the basement that we did not redo. There was no reason for them to be back there. We have a small fridge back there and one of the guys put stuff in it. Normally this wouldn't bother me. If I was working and saw a fridge, I'd put my soda in there too but it was in an area that he shouldn't have been in at all!!

Haven't called to complain yet but yeah, this is ridiculous.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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Dear Valued Baltimore Customer,

Thank you very much for letting us know about your experience, we apologize that the installation in your basement did not meet your expectations. Your business is important to us and we thank you for being a repeat customer. We take customer feedback seriously and would like to look into the above matters right away. If you would like to email me directly with your account information at Our sincerest apologies, I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,


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