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In February 2015, Luna flooring company replaced my carpet floor into new wood floor. Since the floor is done , it squeakes eveywhere . I called the company after a months and I was told ,it is making noise because it's brand new floor and it takes time to adjust . I waited few months and called Luna again because it got worse . Somebody came and inspect the floor and said its because temperature inside the house is below 70 degree , it's making noise . Once winter is over it should be fine . Here came December and flooR and stair started squeaking . I called Luna shedule appointment nobody showd up. I called luna and I was told technician lives far away and didn't make it . My question was why I wasn't informed. Anyway , I called again and schedule appointment . A technician came and said the sub floor is moving so it makes noise . I told him why didn't u offer to change the sub floor if it was not stable enough to to support wood floor . He had no question. While they were installing the floor , my brother kept saying make sure the sub floor is good and they were 7-8 people rushing to finish the work and obliviously they did not listen to him and they were angry at my brother because he kept reminding to make stable sub floor. Anyway , the last technician said they need to do some

Maintaince work on the floor and perhaps need to nailed the squakey area. He will submit his report and Luna will call to shedule maintaince applintment . As usual , I didn't get call back . Then I called them few weeks later and again I was told they will call me . They called me a week later and I was told technician submit the finding and everything is fine no further work needed. I was pissed to hear two different story from what technician said on site and what I was told by Luna . Again I want happy and called Luna for the 15th time . They shedule appointment . The technician

Came and inspect the floor. Said the same the as previous technician. Again he said he will submit his findings and Luna will contact me for the maintaince work .as last time nobody called. I called Luna and talked to a manager . He said he did see that the technician report says some additional work needs to be done to stop squake problem but he could not shedule me because he has to get authorize from

Another manager. He will call me back. He never did . I got a call from somebody else from Luna and I was told the incident is being close based on the technician report and the report says nothing wrong with the floor . I was really pissed off . Then he schedule another appointment again today 03/99/2016 and no body shows up. Now I m feeling cheated and Luna is deceptive . I want to get my

Money back . If it's possible , I want sue Luna floor for lying to its customer , unable to deliver its promise and failed to every level in terms of customer service , warrenty , product quality and standard. If somebody knows how , please let me know . Now I'm regrating to have Luna changed my floor . I was way too happy with the carpet floor . Help help help

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Thank you for bringing your experience to our attention. We regret that this matter has not yet been addressed, and we will be following up with you shortly to discuss your concerns with the installation and the floor squeaking.

Thank you. Luna Customer Support

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