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I bought my dream home and had Luna put carpet in the entire house. Two weeks after having the carpet installed it started to wear so badly that the carpet looked 5 years old.

I contacted Luna and they had someone come look at it. The Luna employee looked me right on the eye and told me that my carpet would not last me a year. He said there was noticeable damage to the padding along with the carpet looking old and worn. He took pictures and a lot of notes back to Luna.

I then got a call from Luna saying the manufacturer was sending another person to examine the carpet. That person put on his report that there was no problem with the carpet so now Luna is refusing to help me in any way. I'm deviated. I paid for the best padding and top of the line carpet.

Every time i look at this carpet i feel like crying because i feel like i was robbed. I have been reading about Luna's love your flooring.

It says if you don't love your floors then it will be replaced with no questions asked, why does this not apply to me?? I'm devistated and seriously a pissed off consumer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Luna Flooring Carpet Installation.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Hi Shelia, thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. We want to help make things right for you, and we understand that we reached out to you today to discuss a resolution.

We will continue to follow up with you to ensure that you are satisfied. You can also reach us at care@luna.com.

Thank you. Luna Customer Support


One very simply inexpensive way to solve this problem. Hire an attorney and send them a letter stating to fix the problem or go to court.

The lawyer will charge less than $300.00 to send the letter. Also contact the attorney generals office for fraud in consumer affairs.

to Anonymous #1059099

I'm probably going to have to contact an attorney because Luna is still not fixing this situation. A supervisor contacted me and told me that the best they could do for me is replace my carpet with carpet of equal value however I will have to pay for installation AGAIN!!

I was also told that if I was not happy with the carpet in this price range I could pay extra to upgrade. I was told by the sales rep that I purchased top of the line carpet and padding so I'm confused as to how I can upgrade.

The day the carpet was being installed I contacted Luna and told them that I did not believe this was the same carpet I had picked out and paid for.

I believe in my heart that they switched carpet.

I'm six and half months pregnant and all this added stress is not good for me. I'm not asking for anything for free, all I want is good quality carpet because that's what I paid for.

to Anonymous #1059780

I was about to go with Luna. After all these terrible reviews and bad on other sites too.....

I will choose a local company. Thanks for the info!

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