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Luna has proven to be a company I would never recommend or use again. The experience I have had has been most upsetting. I have documented most everything.

On June 13th, David a sales associate came to the house. I trusted him in that I was getting a decent deal. This quickly became a disaster. On the 24th, carpet was installed upstairs. The men of that crew, broke a cable wire that cost me $99 dollars to repair. They also moved furniture back in the wrong place. I did not complain, but went ahead and paid Verizon to come out and do the repair. On the 25th, another crew came to install the flooring downstairs. This project cost over $6000 dollars. I was happy with the crew, fed them, and tipped them a substantial amount. Within 10 days major problems started occurring.

I notice that in the family room the floor began to buckle. I had a contractor that I use come out and he advised that they did not leave enough spacing. I call the toll free number. It took another two weeks for the crew to come out. They said it was water damage. I knew it was not. When they left, within a day or so, the living room floor buckled up. I called again and spoke to Sylvia, the operator. Then I called and spoke to Nicole . She told me Luna’s own contractor would come out. The contractor immediately said it was not water damage. He took measurements. He left and I scheduled a repair. I spoke to Valerie and she sent me a check for $400 for “compensation” for the stress and problems this cause. I did not cash this check as I don’t want them to think I will settle for this tiny amount. The crew came out to do the repair and did not have enough material to finish. That is unacceptable. Finally on the 22nd of August the job was done. Then on the 1st of September, I noticed the dining room floor was buckling. The contractor Joey came out again on the 8th. Once again he said there was not enough room for the floor to move, that the installation was to blame. The crew came and did the repair on the 13th of September. This project took and entire 3 months to finish. Just this morning I noticed that the family room is beginning to buckle again.

This company to be sneaky, cheap, and unprofessional. Telephone operators where rude, Nicole, Valerie, Joey, and the crew where nice people. However, no one is able to take responsibly for this. It is the most unbelievable thing I have seen from such a large company. I am a divorced woman and was looking to sell the house. I have not been able to. In addition, I was unable to have guests in the house and my son had a party planned for graduation. Also, a 4 year old I watch fell on the flooring and injured himself. I am hearing everything from it’s the crews’ fault (it is not, it’s your fault for hiring sub-contractors), the material is defective, water damage, and so forth. It is impossible to reach anyone in charge of this! Do not use this company!

Product or Service Mentioned: Luna Flooring Carpet Installation.

Reason of review: All of the above except warranty( which you need for such cheap flooring) or payment.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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