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We had Luna Flooring install carpet throughout our second floor. The crew, who spoke little to no English, did not let us inspect the work before they ran out the door. They simply left. We are not happy with our carpet. We do not think the carpet in the hallway matches the carpet in the bedroom. We contacted their customer service number and were told "that was normal". I told them I was not happy and insisted on having someone come out to look at it. I almost felt like I had to plead to get someone to look at our installation. Finally customer service agreed to send the installer back out the following Saturday. We were told they'd be here between 1 and 6 pm. At 7am that Saturday morning we were called and given our "confirmation call". By 7pm that night the installers still had not shown up. When I called customer service they were not open. I called on Monday morning and was told that the installer is supposed to call customer service if they cannot make it. So again, I scheduled ANOTHER time for the crew who barely spoke English to come out and understand my problem. Another Saturday, but this time I was PROMISED it would be between 9am and 11am. "PROMISED". We got our 7am confirmation call. And by 1055 I was so irritated that I called customer service. After a half hour of being put on hold and called back, they found out the installer went to their first job and simply did not come to our house. I asked customer service to send someone immediately and that I would never buy from Luna if I had known that after the check cashed no one would give a ***. Diane in customer service (the 5th person I had to tell my story to) again promised that this isn't how Luna does business. While you are on hold their recording tell you that "WE WORK FOR YOU". That's the biggest line of bull I've ever heard.

We now have the "service manager" coming our in two more weeks to look at the carpet I'm not happy with. Funny how their sales people can get here NEXT DAY. But after you've had it put in and need help, they no longer come along.

I will be contacting the BBB and the local television station if my problem is not resolved. I think that Luna needs to rethink who they have installing their floors. And how terrible their service is. I firmly believe that ONCE THE CHECK CASHES NO ONE GIVES A ***.

I fear for our warranty. If I had a huge problem with something, what gives me any confidence they'll take care of it. I have no confidence in Luna as a provider, and consider this your warning. I also told this to Diane in customer service. She didn't seem to be worried. I am only one consumer and our bill is already paid. I also told her that I have friends who own homes and I will highly suggest they use ANYONE but Luna. And now that social media has taken over, I'm surprised they don't care what bad press they are receiving.

Product or Service Mentioned: Luna Flooring Installation.

Monetary Loss: $3500.

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Dear Customer,

Thank you for letting us know about your experience, I apologize that we did not meet your expectations...that is never our intention. My apologies for the delay in responding to your posting. If your installation issue has not already been resolved, please feel free to contact me directly at I will make sure I can get you to the correct person right away.

Sincerely, Chris


I agree. My next step is contacting the BBB.

I'm hoping we get somewhere before it comes to that. So I'll be contacting the BBB eventually I'm sure. I also have the local news channel that has an "on your side consumer" program. I'm hopeful that if it comes down to it - we'll see results.

That can't be good for their business. Having the entire Milwaukee area see how terrible their service and product is.


Why do you think the have 133 complaints already? They are making money subcontracting low paid hispanics.

You will be surprised.

Just go to their website and click on the bbb logo. I can not believe how the bbb is keeping them as A+ rate accredited business :( The bbb is not working at all.

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