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Very bad experience with Luna flooring, promised a Monday installation date. Received a phone call to reschedule the next day. Complaint to the customer service manager, Kevin. He said that I'm lucky that I received a phone call a couple of days prior and most people don't even get that. He just didn't care when I told him that I won't be a returning customer and would not refer the company to family and friends due to poor service, he said that's why they have a contract that they're not liable for things such this issues. Tuesday came, customer service called to confirm that the installer would arrive between 12 to 2, instead showed up at 2.45.

Worked to remove the old carpet, then quit in the middle of the job to continue tomorrow because it was too late. Meanwhile, there are appliances in the living room, middle of the hallway, kitchen, floor condition is sticky and dirts all over the place, just chaos and my house not in the living condition.

I asked the installer, the sales rep told me that it would only take 1 day to install, he days, not my fault we're running out of time. My husband called the sales person that sold us the flooring, he was too busy watching baseball game and his phone was dying, but he will email someone when his phone charged or tomorrow.

Now my house condition is a mess, and I'm going to take them to the court to get my deposit and to have the right to cancel my contract due to poor and unreliable service. This is insane. I thought i was dealing with a reputable company. Instead it is becoming a nightmare and very unpleasant experience.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Received a phone from the manager. Apologized for the inconvenience.

Due to the installer family urgent, can't come to finish the flooring until Friday (today is Tuesday 10/20/15).

Checked to see if re-schedule on Friday is OK with my family (everyone need to switch off their schedules) We have no other choice but to accept Friday installation date.

Called and left a voicemail back to the manager, letting him know that this was a second chance for Luna to make a customer happy from the first ordeal, yet they couldn't make this right. I asked for a phone call back, I need a contact info for the CEO or owner, or someone else that actually care that customer isn't and will not do business with Luna in the future.

Still waiting for a phone call back from the manager.

Very irritating, disappointing experience.


Still waiting for Luna to call back to finish up the flooring installation.

Promised to call between 6-9.

I called at 9.30, customer service said someone should be calling within an hour.

an hour and a half passed by, still waiting.

Customer service is really ridiculous!

Unreliable! Never again I will be doing business with this company.


Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. We never want our customers to be disappointed in our service, and we regret that your installation was not completed as scheduled.

We understand that we’ve been in contact with you about these issues and that we’ve scheduled the completion of your installation. We will continue to follow up with you until everything is completed to your satisfaction, and you can also reach us at care@luna.com.

Thank you. Luna Customer Support

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