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On 6/14/2010, after scheduling installation of laminate flooring with Empire flooring, we cancelled a consultation with Luna. The salesman came to my home, anyway. He stated that the flooring that Luna offered could withstand a large amount of water being spilled, because the installers applied a "special oil" on the joints of the boards. He specifically stated that my two dogs could knock over a whole bowl of water onto the floors while I was not home and the floor would not be damaged. However, a larger amount of water that was allowed to sit on the flooring would cause damage. After he lied to me and my wife about this, we cancelled our appointment with Empire and scheduled installation with Luna (had he not lied about the water resistance, we would not have cancelled with Empire, as that one promise was the selling point for us).

Within a few days after the install, we found out not only would a bowl of water cause damage, but even the slightest amount of condensation from a drinking glass would cause the joints to bubble... Even a small amount of sweat the dripped onto the floor, caused the seam to bubble. Alarmed by this and thinking that the installers forgot the "special oil", I contacted customer service. I was immediately informed that there was no special oil and that any damaged caused by liquids was not covered by the lifetime warranty. This was extremely alarming and I even referred to the care instructions given to me which state to clean up spills with a DAMP cloth. If condensation from a drinking glass caused damage, wouldn't a damp cloth do the same?

Luna sent an installer back to my house to look at the damage. I was then contacted by Luna and quoted about $700.00 to repair two boards of the flooring, which again I want to remind you was damaged by what any consumer would consider normal use and not negligent. I was appalled that Luna wanted to charge me to repair something that should have never had happened according to my original sales person. I declined to have the flooring repaired.

In October 2010, a section of flooring in my basement started to tent near the edge. I called Luna customer service and was immediately told that this is usually caused by water damage, but someone would be sent out to look at the issue. It this point, I formed the opinion that Luna uses water damage as an excuse for any issue and never even considers that the product may be defective or installed incorrectly.

A supervisor was sent to my home a few days later. He looked at the area and immediately admitted that the floor was tenting because the installer failed to leave enough space to allow for natural expansion of the flooring and that Luna would repair that section. He then re-examined the damages that I had reported months earlier. He said that from his experience, the damages did not appear to be what he typically sees to be caused by negligent water damage and that the seams of the boards are sealed and should repel small amounts of liquid. The sizes of warping range from the size of a penny to the length of a dollar bill, so it is not as though we are talking about large areas that would indicate flooding or standing water.

At this point, Luna wants to do a one time free repair of the flooring. That's right, one time. The sales person blatantly lied to me, I have a lifetime warranty, have always followed the care instructions, and Luna wants to do a ONE TIME repair. When the floors again fail to live up to the salesman's claims, they will again warp and I will be stuck with the repairs.

At this point, about 10 boards are damaged from what any rational person would consider normal use and normal wear and tear.

Product or Service Mentioned: Luna Flooring Installation.

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