Geneva, Illinois

If you have a choice, do not use Luna Flooring to install laminate floors for you. There service is poor from there high pressured sales people who know nothing about what work actually gets done by installers, and there installers who run out of supplies, leave you house a total mess when they leave.

The installers had to come back 4 times to our home to complete the job. Left nails sticking out, transitions unfinished and we sat with this for 3 weeks.

They finally got the job done lets hope the product holds up like they say it will.

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Call the BBB, If you need a 3rd party inspection for an improper install call us.


Dear Valued Customer,

I'm so sorry to read your review, thank you for making us aware of this! I would like to look into this right away for you, if you would be so kind to email me with your account info, I would like to see what I can do to help. My email is My sincerest apologies for your frustrations.

Thank you, Chris

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