Glen Ellyn, Illinois
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I had an experience with a very rude salesman from Luna. He continuously interrupted me answering questions I hadn't asked and not even waiting for the real question.

He paced around my house huffing and puffing when I read the paperwork telling me 5 times that "no one reads this". When I got tired of this behavior and said I may not go through with the deal he exploded and said he would've "paid $100 not to have ever met me"!!! I was dumbfounded!

What a horrible salesman! Luna may be a good company but this Brian character was a bad representative to say the least.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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We've read your review, and we would like to know more about your concerns, as this is not the sales experience we expect for our customers. Please send your contact info to so that we can follow up with you and help make things right.

Thank you. Luna Customer Support

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