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Paid Luna $2500 to carpet my upstairs. After 4 inspections, 2 re-installations,& hundreds of unreturned phone messages, even from so-called Management professionals, I am left with sub-standard, "defective" padding (per Luna) that squeaks & crunches with every step, loose floor boards, *** in my sub-floor, & very visible seams all over my upstairs.

This is a bait & switch company that engages in illegal & unethical business practices. A class action suit needs to begin to put these people out of business to protect unknowing consumers before they to loose their hard earned money as seem to have so far. This ordeal of mine has been going on since November 2013. 6 months later, 4 inspections later, 2 actual re-installation later (really 3 re-installations, but the 1st time their technicians came to my home Luna had not informed them the work to be completed, so naturally they were not prepared & didn't have the time to rip up all my carpet & lay down the new padding), they have finally agreed to upgrade my padding, re-install brand new carpet because they have ruined the carpet in the past 6 months, as well as fix the hole they put in floor.

I say "no thanks!!!" I want all my money back plus damages. They are only willing to refund 40% & signed agreement to "void" the lifetime warrenty. The upgraded padding they are now offering is probably the padding I originally purchased but they switched it not once, not twice, but 3 times because this padding is still loud, noisy, aggravating & irritating as it was when the first was originally installed!!! So by Luna's standard, I still have "defective" padding.

According to their own Inspector, my floors have now been compromised due to all the re-installation activity, hammering & banging in the past 2 months, therefore not in my best interest to have any more work done for a while; yet some expert at the Luna Customer Realations Department thinks it's a good idea??? What a disconnect!!! Now I must live with this indefinitely...can't even have the hole in my floor repaired. As far as the warranty goes, hasn't worked out for me anyway.

Each time Luna has come into my home honoring the warranty (and get someone in your home for repair takes numerous calls & many weeks of frustration & waiting!!!), and then more damage is done. Here's the big riddle...why would Luna now be willing to upgrade my padding, replace my new carpet with newer carpet & fix the hole they put in my floor instead of just refunding my money with obvious damage? Wouldn't that seem more cost effective??? Something just is not right with this Company...very suspect!!!

Oh, last, in my last conversation when I told Luna I was not interested in Luna coming to my home doing any more work/damage because I have given them more than ample opportunity to fix the problems, only to have more problems in the end, instead, just give me my money back so I can hire a real reputable flooring company to repair & replace their damages, I was told I was just looking to get "FREE" carpet!!!


Monetary Loss: $2435.

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Hi Maria, we understand that we have been in contact with you about these issues and that we have suggested possible solutions. We are disappointed that we have not yet reached a resolution, and we would be happy to speak with you if you’d like to discuss the situation further.

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