Chicago, Illinois
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Worst carpet and customer service!

I had carpet in my bedroom for years that I decided to pull up for a color change, and called luna b/c they were cheap and easy and would come to the house. I had the carpet (with the 10 year warrantee!!) for 4 months when it started unravelling and getting grey with dirt despite being frequently vacuumed.

I jumped through Luna's multiple red tape hoops only to be told that there was nothing they could do for me. The staff is rude and unhelpful. And now I have 6 month old carpet that I have to replace at my own cost.


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Owings Mills, Maryland, United States #679735

I had Luna give me a quote for a hardwood floor,paid the deposit and set a date.When the installers came,they said that they were uncapable of doing the floorand that they didn't have the right tools.I offered to buy the tools.They refused,called the main office and said the deal is off.They wanted the wood back and I told them I would work with the main office to purchase it.I was given no notice that the job was going to be cancelled.I obtained the retail price for the wood and offered to pay for it including a $150 delivery charge.They refused and said that they would not make enough profit and said they would turn me over to the collections department.There was no consideration for the time taken off and the inconvenience of cancelling my contract at the last minute.I will not use Luna again..the home office was rude and arrogant.

to Howard Elmhurst, Illinois, United States #681057

Howard, it’s disappointing that your installation was not completed as scheduled. We regret any inconvenience and would like to discuss the details of your cancelled order.

Unfortunately, we are not able to locate your account with the information posted here. Please email your information to, and we will follow up with you.

Thank you. Luna Customer Support


Luna Unethical Sales Techniques – pushy, disrespectful, ***

Where do I begin! We originally had an appointment on June 25th 2013 from 5-7. No one called or showed up we waited and wasted our afternoon (red flag 1). I then called the CS number and according to the customer service rep they called both numbers I gave them and we did not answer therefore the sales rep decided not to show up. I rescheduled the appointment for the (ESTIMATE)for the next day also from 5-7 PM. I get a call from 630-6185-8976 stating that his name is Mike and he is the manager that he is in front of my door at 4:30. When meeting the supposedly manager Mike (red flag 2) no business card is presented. I allowed him to come inside by house he was very informative about all the business they do in the area but never really got to the paint (red flag 3). At this point I am ready to tell him to please continue with the estimate. He finally took out his fancy notebook and his fancy laser he brought in 2 samples cause all the others were very pricey (these are his words). Once he gave us the price quote of $4170.00 how much it would cost to do hard wood floors that is when the action started.

My fiancé and I told him that we could not make a decision at the moment that we would sleep on it. He then insisted that we needed to give him a deposit (cash, check, or credit card) to hold our special promotions. We told we could not commit to that and how important was the deposit that he kept on insisting. He instead that we had 7 days to cancel if we changed our mind. Mike became more aggressive when he realized that we were very serious about thinking this thru. At this time my fiancé had to step out to do an air run telling him excuse me but I need to step up and we will sleep on it. Mike should have left our house. He did not! Once he realized that he only had to convince me about the deposit, he became disrespectful and bang his hand on my kitchen counter and said that I needed to make up my mind and that I miss lead him believing that we were going to close on the deal that moment. I told him that he was being a *** of a sales person and he needed to leave immediately. He continued to call me by my last name (Ms., Ms, Ms. You need to get over the hump)he then went from 4170 to 3500 deal I said no I refused to deal and make any business agreement with a ***. He turned and got on my face and said you I mislead me and you wasted my time, $30 for gas that he had paid to get to my house for the estimate. At this time I had it I ran to the door opened it and told him he need to leave if not I was calling the authorities and that I would be contacting BBB. When I said this, Mike wanted to charge me for the visit (estimate), I said you are not getting anything from me, get out of my house.

As soon as he left I got online an ready over 100 complaints with the same story from consumers getting the same treatment from this company. I will never ever use this company and will make sure family, friends are aware of what unethical business practices this Luna company uses.

to LUNA S***BAG COMPANY #670961

We were troubled to learn of your experience as we never want our customers to feel pressured. This is in no way representative of the level of service we demand for our customers.

We’d like to speak with you directly to learn more and to make things right.

Unfortunately, we’re unable to identify you in our system with the information presented here. Please send your contact information to and we’ll reach out to you.




I got my carpeting about 3 months ago and I don't see any wearing which I wouldn't expect since carpeting lasts so long. But I did notice that the carpeting I bought is not at all as nice as the carpet that was replaced.

I suggest that when the salesman comes, have your own samples on hand to compare. There is just not enough strands of carpet. Maybe Luna has them make their own carpets with less material? I would have realized this if I had my samples from the locals.

Do yourself a favor and have those samples. All stores would offer the financing.

Logan Village, Queensland, Australia #197796

This is a very typical Luna response. I have the exact same problem.

Carpet installed in April and I called in June b/c it was already in bad shape. I was told it was "Normal wear and tear" and nothing could be done. 2 months...I wasn't aware carpet was a disposable product. Now at a seam pieces are coming out and they are going to replace a 12x4 inch piece of carpet.

That'll look great I'm sure. Since that appt I have pieces unravelling and honestly don't know if i want to waste my time hearing its "wear and tear"


Thank you for your response and I am sorry you are having trouble with your Luna carpet. Luna's focus is to provide quality products and first-rate customer service.

In this case, we appear to have fallen short of your expectations. As you point out, all of our carpets carry manufacturer’s warranties many of which are extended by Luna. Please contact me so I can schedule a time for our technician to assess your carpets performance issue. It is likely covered under our installation or product warranty.

We just want you to love your carpet. I can be reached at and am eager to help you.

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