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Carpet install on (2) sets of 5 steps, pieced together, cut wrong, installed using 2 different methods, missing padding. Luxury vinyl tile install, installer cut new flooring on top of already installed flooring, used putty in gaps where plank ends's a tongue and groove application not spacing with grouting.

Cut my door frame bottoms for no reason, some higher lower than others. Short on materials. Over 30 sticky notes on my 425sq ft of luxury vinyl plank flooring where the ends are beveled, lifting, buckling due to terrible install. Luna had the nerve to call and schedule install of remaining flooring when they haven't offered a resolution to existing damaged installed floor.

Oh flooring hasn't been in a week yet. Took 3 days to get a manager on the phone, she fed me a bunch of bull, took her a week to get back to me and acted like she never promised to get quick results and resolution. Had to cancel a Christmas party because there is unfinished flooring in hallway and living room. Now I have no place for my family to celebrate Christmas.

There are only 2 spots in my house for a Christmas tree, one in front living room window, but can't because nothing but sub floor there and the other the living room side window but can't because all my furniture is pushed up against there. For them to suggest installing the remaining flooring is like buying new tires for a car that's totaled. Waste of time and money. I started calling them a week ago, and continued to call 3-4 times a day and always told no manager available.

No one in the local office is responding, the salesman acts all surprised no one is calling. They had a local guy come by to assess my carpet install, he showed up with a doo rag on his head, ripped up jeans, and a over sized thermal shirt with a dice design all over it. Nice guy, but dude try being a little professional. The crews they sent in here, couldn't speak or comprehend English at all.

They left debris and trash all in my front yard, sidewalk, and garden. Left a McDonald's cup on my front porch. I stepped on a nail and other metal pieces on my front porch. It just goes on and on.

They must not think I am serious.

They could careless about me as a customer or my home. While they sit around their Christmas trees opening presents with family, I'll be sitting on their POS flooring!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Luna Flooring Installation.

Reason of review: All the above.

Monetary Loss: $2900.

Preferred solution: Refund my deposit and remove all your product from my house and cancel my contract. .

Luna Flooring Pros: Pricing.

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Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. We can assure you that we are taking this situation very seriously, and we want to help make things right for you.

We will be following up with you shortly to discuss the situation in more detail and work towards a resolution, and you can also reach us at

Thank you. Luna Customer Support

to Cmonroe Annapolis, Maryland, United States #1080458

I have been calling Customer Support for over a week. Every time I called and asked for a manager all I ever got was the runaround.

I finally spoke with a 'manager' in your Chicago office last Fri and she made it sound like she was large and in charge and was going to make things happen, boom, boom, boom. I finally heard from her Wed evening and it was to schedule the install of the remaining product. Ummmm NO I don't want your flooring in my house. Finally I was told a rep would be at my house this Fri.

Great finally a local manager. The the Chicago rep had the nerve to call me back and say, she needed to schedule the repair. Repair? What repair?

Two options, 1-take all your flooring out of my house and let's be done with each other. 2-take all your flooring out of my house and send a qualified professional install crew in here to install all new flooring. I am leaning towards option 1. I would rather have plywood subfloor then Luna flooring in my house!

Luna doesn't care about my home or me. I've never seen such horrible customer service, horrible.

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