Cicero, Illinois

IMO...Stay away from this company. If they were the last carpet company in the world I would sleep on a dirt floor before dealing with them again.

Tell me one carpet and sell me another. Mr. Salesperson... Beaulieu is not owned by Shaw. No matter how many times you tell me they are not the same company... They aren't. Believe me.. Or just google it. Its called misrepresentation. Its like calling a ford a chevy.

Gave them a second chance after being talked out of canceling the order. Only to be blamed for the missed appointment. Project Manager coming to see me.. If you're 3 hours late from the agreed upon time I have the right to assume the appointment was missed and go about my day.

Again.. Never again in my life will I deal with Luna. Wasted my time. My wifes time. And to the guy Chris who comes on here to offer some spheel...Save it. I'm sharing my story with people who ask me.

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Chris, you are not helping anyone. All your doing is pr work from your laptop.

What a joke this company is, same with empire.

I would rather buy the carpet from home depot and grab a couple of illegals on the way out to do my install. Luna BLOWS!


Call the BBB,if you need assistance call us


Dear Consumer,

I realize that you asked me not to respond, but I had to see if there is anything I can do to help, it kills me to read this and not respond. Not only do I want to address these issues with my staff, I would love the chance to show you why we have an A+ customer service rating with the BBB, we care about each and every customer. I sincerely apologize you had to experience these frustrations, of course your time is valuable and we would never intentionally waste yours or your wifes time. If you would like to email me with your account info, I can look into this further and promise to do whatever I can, my email is Thank you for letting us know and again, I'm sorry. Customer feedback is the best way we can assure our staff is the best representation of the Luna brand, so we appreciate it.

Sincerely, Chris

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