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Is it possible to give negative stars because they aren't even worthy of one?! DO NOT EVER use these scam artists!

I called for a "free in-home estimate" and was greeted with the pushiest salesman I have ever met, Jesse Funk. He told me at the end that I was required to give him a $60 deposit, and sign an "estimate" so that IF I moved forward with them he wouldn't have to come back out to the house. When I asked him what the cancellation policy was he stated that I could cancel at any time, and they would send my money back. I also told him multiple times that I didn't want to be locked into anything b/c I wasn't sure of my decision yet.

He assured me that I was only signing an estimate, and again, could cancel any time. NOT ONCE did he ever tell me that I had to cancel, in writing, within 3 days. He knew that I was getting another estimate the following week, after the 3 day time period, and still failed to ever say a word to me, even when I specifically asked what the cancellation policy was. I cancelled a week and a half later, and have been fighting with them ever since to get my $60 back.

Senior project manager, Kate Zilke, called me back after sending an e-mail expressing my dissatisfaction, and all she did was argue with me, over $60 - worst customer service I have ever received. LYING, STEALING THIEFS!!! Expensive lesson learned on my part to read the extremely tiny print on the bottom of the page, and NEVER trust a Luna salesperson.

They have lost my business, and any future business of my friends, and family, over $60. DO NOT ever call Luna!!!

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Almost happened to us, same thing.. guy named Rick, super pushy $250 deposit "you can cancel anytime".

We read the contract you have 3 days to cancel by TELEGRAPH! by freaking TELEGRAPH! or direct mail...

or not only lose deposit but be charged 15% PROJECT COST

Jerry. Roselle, IL.


I am dealing with the same problem right now! Kate Zilke is the worst representative I have ever spoken to.

She is rude, would not let me speak and a liar. DO NOT TRUST LUNA!

THEY WILL SCAM YOU. I signed a contract with them and the day of the intallation they asked for $ 4, 300 extra to start the job or else they would cancel.


Call the BBB,if you need assistance call us.


Thank you for letting us know about your experience with our sales staff and customer service staff, we are so sorry that the correct information wasn't relayed to you, that is of course against company policy and is why we are so grateful for customer feedback like yours, we value our customers and take pride in our service, I apologize you didn't experience this.

Please email me directly with your name and account info and I will make sure someone contacts you, cmonroe@luna.com. I am here to help and I sincerely apologize.



that Kate Zilke is the most unprofessional person I ever dealt with in my life. She's a bad representative of not that company but any company in my opinion.

I had the same exact experience the other day with her.

The only difference is I'm $2,300 in the hole as a result. They should be ashamed of themselves for treating customers this way.

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