Glen Burnie, Maryland
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At first the estimate reached almost $3,000.00 for 225 sq ft, They lowered it to almost $2,000.00 all because I like to bargain. Afterwards, I meet with the laborers, THEY WERE SUBCONTRACTORS.

They did not have the sufficient materials, my floor needed extra work the sales man did not quote, they subcontractors did not want to do the job obviously because they were going to be complaint. (Not their fault) and the worst thing, I had payed them in advance. How is it possible????!!!!!

I had to call for a refund. They determinately agreed to do the refund process because they didn't have any word to excuse themselves.

Very expensive and so much bad work.

Sorry, but I have to be fair and post for future customers to be aware.

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We’re disappointed that your installation was not able to be completed as scheduled. The installation experience you described is not what we expect for our customers, and we would like to know more about the situation.

We realize that you’ve cancelled your order, but we would still like the opportunity to discuss your concerns with you. We cannot locate your account with the information here, but if your send your contact information to, we will follow up with you as soon as possible.

Thank you. Luna Customer Support

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