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I should have done more homework before calling Luna for an estimate...

Anyway, I got my appointment scheduled. Salesman was on time and looked professional. However 15 minutes into the conversation he starts telling me that he has this fantastic carpet on sale because its a close out. We negotiated the price and I asked for an quote as I was waiting for other places to do the same thing. I made him aware of other appointments and he stated that this is a one time deal. Take it or leave it. On top of it all he stated it would be pointless for him to come out again to finalize this order. The deal looked good and we signed with the assurance of Larry, the salesman, that we can cancel or negotiate further if we get a better quote from another source. Gave him $200 for a deposit and waited a few other offers.

2 days later Home Depot gave me a fantastic deal. I called Luna to cancel or gave them a final opportunity to bid. After speaking with customer service they contacted Art Jones and asked him to call me. Art was fantastic and matched the deal that Home Depot provided. However after going to Luna's store in Schaumburg to take a look at the carpet for the "match", it was not exactly the same. It was a very low quality compared to HD and we decided to proceed with the cancellation. I called Art and asked him to finalize the cancellation. He was a little disappointed that he couldn't help me and stated that the cancellation will be finalized that day and I should expect the refund of my $200 deposit in a matter of couple days.

3 days ago I called about my deposit, I was told the refunds to credit cards take up to 2 weeks and that it is scheduled to hit my account on Wednesday. Ok, I waited until today, Thursday and called the customer service again and was told that my cancellation was never finalized. Adriana, the CS rep, stated that she is cancelling the order "right now" and I should get a call from the cancellation department, most likely Art.

This has been a cluster from the time the salesman changed his pitch 20 minutes into our "free" in home estimate which so far cost me $200 that doesn't look I will receive back any time soon.

Stay away from Luna.. I've talked to more than a handful of people there and it seems like each one has their own story. The customer service is clueless and cant do anything without the "cancellation departments" approval. Cancellation Dept, in this case Art Jones, does not return calls.

Pretty upset. I will give them 2 more business days and if my deposit is not returned the next phone call will be to Steve DeZara, CEO.. Hopefully he has a little more sense for customer appreciation.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Problem resolved. 30 days later I get my deposit back.


Thank you for letting us know you are waiting for your refund, I apologize for the delay and for your frustrations. I would like to look into this for you and get this resolved as quickly as possible.

If you could email directly at cmonroe@luna.com with your account name and account number right away, I will make sure this is taken care of. I apologize for your inconvenient, we take customer feedback seriously and I want to help figure this out right away.

Sincerely, Chris

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