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We had a laminate floor installed in 4/13 - since than the floor has bowed and separated a number of times - each time it takes at least 20 minutes on the phone to get a message so that someone can call me back in 3-5 business days - I usually have to call back a few times to get a call back. They come out - make repairs and tell us it will be fine now.

Next time either happens again same process same song and dance. I would stay away from this company. They are terrible from the get go!!!!!!!!!!

I called them again today - 18 minutes on hold this time to get the call back in 3-5 business days - we have had the floor repaired now:

May 2013

July 2013

Nov 2013

March 2014

June 2014 - want a new floor now - want to bet they won't stand by their product

Monetary Loss: $3144.

  • Value loss 3
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Thank you for making us aware of your concerns. It is disappointing that you have been experiencing ongoing issues with your product.

Your experience is not what we expect for our customers, and we understand your frustration. We would like to speak with you about this situation and ensure that everything gets resolved to your satisfaction, but we are not able to locate your account with the information posted here.

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