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Update by user Feb 07, 2013

I am happy to post .. luna customer service has contacted me and is working to resolve my problems. I give there customer service a A+ it shows they do care about customer service and there reputation .

Original review posted by user Jan 25, 2013

I was shopping for carpet and told the salesman that i needed bedroom , hall and living room carpet installed. I have asbestos tile down and told them that up front. I also told them to leave the old tack strips down and do not mess with the tiles . Just lay there padding and carpet with my tack strips. Long story short .. furniture out of house .. walls all painted .. they agreed to pull up carpet and pad . I should have done this my self.. installer shows up tells me he cant lay the carpet down due to tiles. I tell him i was told it was ok to install and that there would be no problem. Manager calls me and tells me the only way to install carpet today (had furniture coming tommorrow) was to install it over my existing pad. They said the pad would pull up my tile. So i asked if the warranty would still be honored .. they said no problem . So I agreed to reuse my old pad (4 yrs old) and inspected it before they laid the new carpet.. looked ok. Carpet job is 1/2 way done and the corporate office calls me and tells me that since it is not there pad .. i will not have any warranty on the carpet. And i have to sign a waiver saying so. Now i am in a bind.. 1/2 the job done .. furniture coming in the morning .. house in shambles ... what choice do i have. I argue and get no were . Signed there *** waiver job done.

Went to the store that night talked to the sales man , store manager no help. Called corporate and said it was *** about the warranty .. it still was mohawk carpet ,, they have a warranty.. and what about the money i paid for the pad and installation... no reimbursement ? Home depot charges .50 to .99 sq foot for padding so i figure 525 sq ft of carpet sold .. should get some kind of credit for the pad and the install. It had to be the easiest install in the world .. pull carpet , reuse pad and strips. Anyway corporate offers me $40.00 credit ... what a insult. They make it impossible to shop carpet pricing and padding ... such a game. I stopped payment on the charge and after all the bs was over ended up with 135.00 credit. So lesson learned .. next time i will remove my own carpet and padding .. and its all a scam on the premium padding .. warranty etc.

Really lousy customer service .. and the fact that they called me 1/2 thru the job .. telling me no warranty and no credit for the padding .. that they are probably reselling to somebody else.

I would not use luna carpet .. and am telling that to every body i know.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Elmhurst, Illinois, United States #603859

Dear Customer,

We are sorry to hear about your experience, thank you for letting us know. We take your feedback seriously and would like to look into this matter further. Poor customer service and operations is never our intention and we are truly sorry to have let you down. My direct mail is if you would like to email me your Luna account name and phone number, I can see if there is anything further we can do to help make your experience a little less frustrating. Our sincerest apologies for not meeting your expectations.

Sincerely, Chris

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