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As a first time homeowner and first time customer of Luna I was very disappointed with the service from beginning to end. I sought out Luna to have Luxury Vinyl Planks (LVP) floors installed.

I left an inquiry online to be contacted by Luna. When I was contacted by Luna it was a contractor outside of the city where I live and he was really rude. I was under contract to buy a condo and was in dire need of a contractor to give us an estimate to replace the current hardwood floors. That rude contractor said if I'm only under contract to buy it's not worth his time to come out to give me an estimate.

He was condescending and the rudest contractor I've spoken to throughout my search for a contractor. He also said I can try to contact other contractors associated with Luna but he's the best at what he does and he swears that I'll call him back after I've experienced other contractors - I did not call him back for obvious reasons. So I called corporate and they connected me to a local sales guy who visited the condo to give me an estimate. I made it clear and double checked that the sales guy included in the estimate our closet space, underneath the refrigerator and underneath the dishwasher into the quote.

I was quoted and promised by the sales guy the job can be done in four hours and will only take one day. Because the sales guy seemed nice and professional I went with Luna and had them do work for me after I bought the condo.

Turns out the sales guy lied and the contractors underdelivered. A quality company would never overpromise you something they cannot follow through with. The contractors took TWO days and they were NOT informed of our condo building requirements even though I conveyed that information to Luna's customer service and the sales guy weeks in advance.

The contractors tried to charge me extra for all the materials they were going to use to fulfill our building's requirement (cork underlayment glued down). I showed them all the proof I had via email what I communicated with their sales guy (who okay'ed everything weeks before!). Not only were the contractors not informed by corporate on how to do their jobs properly, they did not complete their jobs. There was no LVP flooring underneath the dishwasher, who knows if they even put LVP flooring underneath the refrigerator (it's too heavy to pull out and I don't want it to scrape the kitchen floors).

My dishwasher is crooked because they tried to put small scraps of LVP flooring to prop up the dishwasher. I can't even pull out the dishwasher because the contractors did something funky to the flooring. They were stingy on using the LVP floors I already paid them for to complete the job.

In addition to not properly installing LVP floors underneath my dishwasher, many of the planks out in the kitchen and living room did not "click". Everytime I step on certain pieces there's a clicking noise and a gap in between planks because of poor installation.

From my experience, I will not recommend Luna's poor customer service, poor installation, poor communication within their own company to anyone who needs quality and professional work down.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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